A Postpartum Doula…

♥ Supports all types of families; birth parents, adoptive parents, single parents and dual couples.

♥ Helps you transition into a happy and healthy postpartum period

♥ Provides non-judgmental physical and emotional support throughout your postpartum transition

♥ Allows for parents to have 1-on-1 time with baby and older siblings, while the day to day tasks of the home are taken care of.

♥ Trained with evidence based education on a variety of topics to aid in bonding, soothing, emotional and physical recovery

♥ Supports your choices as a parent, and provides research/articles/resources to help you make informed choices for your family

♥ Serves you! Meal preparation, light housework, time for a shower or nap, healthy snacks, and your water glass full

[Testimonial] “Brielle was my saving grace when I came home from the hospital with my twins. She helped by occupying my older kids while I cared for the babies and caught up on sleep.

She took care of light household chores (dishes, sweeping, folding laundry, etc) so I could focus all my energy on my little ones.

I was nursing twins, and she made sure I had snacks on hand and kept my water glass full. Anything I needed help with, or advice on-Brielle was there. And when she wasn’t there she was very accessible by text!

She was someone to talk to, a great resource, and through this experience she is now an amazing friend”